Thank You Patreon Backers!!!

Quick Sip Reviews wouldn't be what it is without the support of amazing people like those listed below. I am eternally grateful to any and all who contribute monetarily, signal boost, or just plain ol' read my reviews, but those below have gone above and beyond and I want to take this space to give a special thanks to:

James Aaron
Zach Barlett
Andrew and Kate Barton
Rebecca Campbell
Shana DuBois
Meg Elison
AJ Harm
Gwendolyn Kiste
Jordan Kurella
Rose Lemberg
Elise Matthesen (also known as Lioness)
Jaime Mayer
Joe Monti
S. Kay Nash
Laura Pearlman
Lethe Press
Clarissa R.
Nicasio Reed
Merc Rustad
SkyBoat Media
Jonah Sutton-Morse
Gretchen Trau
Sara L. Uckelman
Wren Wallis
Adele Wearing
Nola Wilsky
Ziv Witties
Jay Wolf
Jeff Xilon

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